Stress Relieving of a Large Steel Weldment for the Energy (Nuclear) Industry

This A36 steel weldment was stress relieved for a customer in the nuclear industry. The weldment is a crane trolley frame which is used on an overhead bridge and is an example of our ability to treat large fabrications. It measures 40' in length, 12' in width, 10' in height, and weighs 20 tons. Welding and other fabrication processes can cause high internal stresses within the finished structure. By heating the structure, those stresses are released without modifying any of the desired material properties.

This weldment was heated to 1150°F and temperatures were maintained to within ±15°F during the heating period. This project was turned around in one day after arrival at our facility. As a third generation heat treating company, we have invested in a range of furnace sizes and types to accommodate a myriad of part sizes and shapes. Properly treating large fabrications is especially challenging. We excel at providing effective solutions to challenging heat treating applications.

For added convenience, local pick-up and delivery is available for customers within 100 miles of our facility in Milwaukee, WI. For additional details about this stress relieving project complete for the nuclear energy industry, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Large Steel Weldment Highlights

Product Description
Trolley for an Overhead Bridge Crane
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Stress Relieving
Overall Part Dimensions
40'L x 12'W x 10'H
20 Tons
Tightest Tolerances
± 15 DEG F
Material Used
A36 Steel
Heat Treating Temperature
Industry for Use
Energy (Nuclear)
Delivery/Turnaround Time
1 Day
Delivery Location
Standards Met
AWS D1.1